So this is me…

I'm a wife, momma, and photographer in Boise, Idaho.

I grew up in the tiny town of  Payette, Idaho. Lived in Hawaii for 3 years with my Honey while he served in the USMC. Then came back to Idaho, and first earned my Associates of Arts at TVCC while raising my first born. After that, I went to BSU, while raising my first and second born, for Art and Business. There, I inhaled everything of artistic photography. This combined with my genuine love for photography, makes me a very able and passionate photographer.

 I enjoy creating photographs and therefore enjoy my job. This allows me to truly appreciate my clients and give them photos that they can also enjoy. I focus on capturing your individuality. Whether your session is, a simple headshot, a newborn session, or a wedding session, your photos will beautifully show you and your unique self.

Some more details...

Im a 90's child,  I remember the day my first grade class got its first giant box computers.

I am also a painter, I've painted since the 6th grade.

I enjoy reading but I don't have much time for it, well, not much time for reading the books I REALLY want to. I do have plenty of opportunities to have a lot of dinosaur and monster books read.

 I like baking, and fresh bread is a regular in my household. If I could get away with it and get all my nutrients from only bread and butter, I would!

I can not handle jelly filled doughnuts but I favor stale, days old, doughnuts.

Ketchup is an abomination of a tomatoe.

I'm a proud nerd, anything anime and gaming is fantastic.

 I  have coffee, tea or both on a daily basis.

I cannot sit quietly through a movie, I will make improvised commentary the entire time.

I think that's it for now...